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ENACTING Online Course on Social Documentaries development


The ENACTING online course will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and social competencies for creating your own video documentaries, taking a strong position and raising awareness on specific social issues of your local community.


About This Course

The ENACTING online course provides learning with grounding in the craft of video production and the creation of moving images, covering all phases of the video production process. Through learning these skills and understanding how moving images are created, you will be able to create your own video documentaries that communicate a message, move an audience, and ultimately drive change on a given issue.


Module 1, will be focused on developing ideas for documentary – researching a subject, writing a proposal, and creating a treatment. There will be also a short introduction of the theories of social change, the role of civil society in policymaking, and the power of the visual for activists. Module 2 is about Planning and controlling the social documentary production – working with real people rather than actors, considering production issues such as scheduling, location etc. Module 3 is dedicated to Production: Technical aspects of screen content creation: camera, lighting, and sound. Finally, Module 4 is focused on Post-production: Editing and promoting social documentary films. The learners will be encouraged to consider the audience, outreach, and amplification, as well as the strategic use of social media. 

The Participatory Media Lab will be one of the spaces you will have to share your experience through the ENACTING MOOC, find some activities to participate in it and see how other learners work on their social documentaries, to know more click HERE.

Do you want to participate in the ENACTING FESTIVAL and share your videos with your community and the rest of the world and discuss some social issues with experts and other participants? Read more HERE.


  • Use key theories of social change as related to advocacy and social documentary.
  • Take into consideration fundamental issues such as privacy, data protection and ethics in video documentaries.
  • Identify and articulate key concepts related to the production of documentary films.
  • Create your own idea for a video project and plan steps to realise it.
  • Adopt a plan and structured approach to your own video project.
  • Apply a deliberate structure and style to a short video project.
  • Research and use open-source software for video production and post-production.
  • Create a strategic advocacy campaign with clear objectives through the project design.
  • Apply aesthetic concepts of cinematography, editing, and sound design to support a deliberate concept and vision in a short documentary.
  • Use available, open-source digital and social media platforms to create and disseminate their social documentary films on a local/regional/national and European level.


This course is developed for people with or without previous knowledge of creating a social documentary, if you want to raise your voice and social awareness, join us!

Course Staff

Andreas Almpanis, Sociologist, Artist - Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh)

Andreas Almpanis is a PhD cultural sociologist/criminologist, specialised in youth subcultures, social exclusion and minorities, is actively engaged in research, counselling, adult education and training, educational methodologies and tools development, and has long experience in coordinating of several national and European projects. He has composed and released more than 6 albums with the bands in which he participated from 1995 until today. He is Scientific Director of the 'Workshop of Life' (regional program in Thessaly for non-formal adult and child education through arts and primary prevention of addictions, coordinated by the National Organisation against drugs and addictions - OKANA).

Costas Lamproulis, Artist, Filmaker, Director - Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh)

Costas Lamproulis is the Artistic Director of SMouTh. Ηe is the writer and director of more than 40 theatre plays, operas, music theatre and interdisciplinary performances in Greece and Europe, as well as screenwriter of feature films and director and producer of short films, video clips and documentaries. He is active in the research, development and implementation of innovative methodologies of non-formal and informal education that utilise literary arts, performing arts and media as tools for social integration, personal and social skills development and promoting of intercultural and democratic approaches.

Dimitra Zacharouli, Artist, Trainer - Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh)

Dimitra Zacharouli is a professional in the field of dance and theatre education. Since October 2018 she has a permanent employment contract with SMouTh as administrative staff, researcher and trainer and contributes in several EU, national and local projects

Marina Arienzale, Artist, photographer and videomaker - Centro di Creazione e Cultura (CCC)

I graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, then in photography at the Studio Marangoni Foundation. My research is based on the individual, both on a personal and private and on a collective and public level, with an approach that combines conceptual and documentary research. I have collaborated with many artists and taken part in various exhibitions and site-specific projects, collaborated in the innovative programme that the Palazzo Strozzi museum dedicates to people with Alzheimer's and their carers and, as a member of CCC, in many European projects that integrate artistic creation and non-formal education. http://marinaarienzale.net/

Pierre Tremerel, Writer and film maker - Les Têtes de l'Art (TDA)

Graduated from Liège University and from the documentary school of Lussas, Pierre Tremerel is a writer and documentary film maker who lives and works in Marseille.

Augusto Gerardi, Film Maker - JKPeV

AUGUSTO GERARDI is an artist and researcher from Venezuela currently based in Berlin. His work addresses the relationship between art, politics and technology. His films and installations have been exhibited in Caracas, Bogota, Paris, New York, Berlin and Dresden. Augusto has a bachelor's degree in Media Art, and is currently studying Visual Arts at the UDK in Berlin. In his hometown of Caracas, he developed social development projects – including the largest project “Busca Tu Espacio”, which was implemented for four years as part of violence prevention projects of the European Union and the British Council in Latin America. Since November 2021, he has been working at the Jugend- und Kulturprojekt e.V. as a Project Management Assistant.

Olga Yocheva, Designer & Film Maker - JKPeV

OLGA YOCHEVA works as a film maker, graphic and web designer for Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. since 2012. She studied Art pedagogy at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria and has a Diploma in Cinematography from the Media School of Leipzig. Olga is responsible for the video documentation and visual identity of JKPeV’s projects, designing logos posters, flyers, brochures and online platforms. Together with the General Manager of JKPeV, Stefan Kiehne, she organises and coordinates the Full Moon Gallery exhibitions of JKPeV, selecting artists, communicating with them and also offering workshops to artists on promoting their work, creating their portfolio etc. Olga designs and prepares together with the project management team the educational material and workshops that refer to audio and video production, conducting video interviews, post-production and photography.

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